Our Full-Package features

  • Professional Web design
  • Hosting, Domain name and all the technicalities
  • Set up and manage your online Store
  • We will do the online marketing for you
  • We will manage all your online content
  • We will keep your online business safe
  • Your Website / Store will always be up to date
  • We manage your newsletter, and a lot more...

why would you use our services?

Because now you can focus on making money and selling your amazing homegrown or home-prepared food. Technicalities can be overwhelming. Let us take care of that.

Because we do all this for you for a flat and transparent fee. And it won't break the bank!

Because you will save money, time and your nerves. You do your job and we support you with managing you online presence.

our simple pricing


$ 149 Monthly (billed Annually)
  • Hosting and Domain included
  • Professional web design
  • Content management 24 / 7
  • Online security and privacy
  • Amazing online store
  • Payment Management
  • Newsletter Management


$ 249 Monthly (billed Annually)
  • Social Media marketing
  • We make sure your clients find you online
  • Blogging
  • Analytics
  • 24/7 Online Customer Service


questions & answers

We are passionate believers in local and organic food. After all not so long ago we just called it “food”. The world today however has to be reminded and taught to eat healthy. And this is where local farms, producers are playing a very important role. We want to turn up the volume of your voice so that everyone learns about your products. And we know that running your business and marketing it is a hard work. So we want to remove that burden of confusing technology and online marketing from you. So you can focus on your passion and together we can make your business a true magic. Are you ready?

After you signed up we will start working with you right away. Our goal is to have your website and online store up and running in a matter of days.

  1. We will ask you questions
  2. We will then prepare a quick draft and plan
  3. You review it. (zero commitment up to this point)
  4. IF you are happy with it, then we will ask you to sign the contract and make the first payment.
  5. Your website and online store are up and running


Of course. All you need to do is give us 30 days notice. 

Typically in only a few days. Of course if there are some challenging features we need to take care of it could take a bit longer, but even then our aim is to have your site up and running ASAP so you can start doing business and then we add whatever is missing .

We will add opt-in forms to your website so visitors can sign up for updates. Also your actual clients will automatically be in that list. Now you have a growing list of clients and prospects who are expecting updates from you. We then create newsletters for you and once you approve, those are ready to go out to your clients. And then again and again. 

This is the really exciting part. The hardest part about having a website is to make sure it is up to date. You neglect it and your visitors will notice, right away. They want content. Colourful and descriptive online store, they want to know your story, they want tips and help from you, continuously. With our 24/7 content management service we make sure you are always up to dat. We publish the latest update timestamp and we also ensure that things are adapting to needs of your visitors

If you want us to, then absolutely. Blogging is not part of the basic content management, as it requires continuous work and research. But if you purchase the Extended package we will add that gem to your website. We will be writing regular blog posts that matches your profile. If you have ideas or thoughts you can send them to us for proofreading or finalizing. In any case we will always be there for you to ensure that your visitors always have reasons to come back to your website. Come back and purchase your goods. How awesome is that?

We thought you will never ask.

We are a small technology company located in Ottawa ON. is a brand of Jolly Dab Technology Inc and it is run by two jolly dabbers, Emoke and Emil. We are passionate about small businesses and we truly believe that you can change the world. Let us help!

Gotcha. Technology can be confusing and it is not easy to talk about it without using boring acronyms. so here it is in English. 

Today the majority of people go online when they are buying stuff. That includes organic and local food. They want to know your story. Who are you, why are you doing what you are doing, where is your store or farm, etc. Because they are in front of their screens, they want to get to know you. Through articles, videos, pictures, offers, deals, your products, etc. 

Creating a website isn’t hard these days. But creating a website that is always up to date and that attracts clients, now that is a different story. It requires constant attention. Content, security, privacy, server issues, hacks, spam, etc are all giving you constant headache. 

Until now.

We are here to liberate your from all that. You just pay us a flat and transparent fee and we do all that for you. We build a new shiny website, we give you a great domain name, we maintain the entire thing continuously, we add content and then we constantly manage and maintain that content, so your visitors will love you. They will. We even build an amazing online store for you so your clients can order from you with a single click. And we maintain that store too. People will find you if you are on social media and if Google can find you. We will put you there and then keep you there. We will also give you regular statistic on your visitors. Where are they from, what is it they like or don’t like, are they recurring visitors, do they like to spend time on your website, etc. And we do a lot more. So you don’t have to. Any of that. Ever again. 

An entire arsenal of business intelligence that will make you a superstar. 

You get the picture, don’t you?

Absolutely. If you have a website that you like, there is a very good chance you can keep it (will be included in our free consultation) and we will do everything else we promised. And in this case we can give you a discount. Call us

have more questions?