This is How You Can Make The Online Madness Work For You

It is a madness, wouldn’t you agree? It gets worse and then way better. Bear with me.

Having been involved in a number of volunteering organizations, I did feel their pain, every day. So many ideas and programs and yet so very few resources and so little time to do all that. Going online promised to be simple and powerful. Simple? Really?

Technology is my second nature and I could easily tackle all the challenges. Except for one. Time. Having enough time. A chronic symptom of volunteering.

Then one day it hit me. What about those with great ideas, great cause but no technology knowledge and not enough time? How do they manage to do anything in the online world? If you are running your own business, you surely are facing similar problems. Can you afford it? Where to start? How to maintain the momentum?

What we are seeing today in technology is saturation. Saturation of our minds. You can only handle so much input and interruption. Going online as an organization with limited resources is a highway of interruptions. Post it, announce it, change it, fix it, send it, read it, analyze it, upgrade it, update it. The “it” cycle. It just never ends. Miss any of of these and there is a chain reaction following.

I know what you’re thinking. You can just go to Wix, Weebly or similar platform and for the most part you can have your website for free. You are right. But that will not liberate you from the “it” cycle. And if you want to track your visitor numbers you are now in the world of analytics and here the hell gets lose.

Then of course you can hire an expert. As an employee contractor, or an agency.

Did you know that you could easily end up paying $0 or $10,000 for the same website? Pay $0 or $200/h for the same service?

And the result could easily be the same great service or same crappy one. How do you know which one is which? Chances are you don’t. Unless you have someone who you really trust.

And as online technology develops exponentially, this situation is getting worse.

Can you then just go and say “Whatever, I am out”?

Do that and you are out. Your business, your non-profit, your charity is out. It is not guaranteed of course as the world was all good and well for thousands of years before internet. But consider this.

Your clients, your audience, your prospects are busy and lazy. They will do anything to shorten the time needed for any action they take.

Can’t blame them. The laziness stems from the saturation I mentioned earlier. People are tired and yet there is no way out. They hate internet but they need it.

Is there anything anyone can do?

I believe, the answer is yes. We need to make the online world transparent, accessible and affordable. When I do something for you, I will charge you. But what you will pay will be in line with your situation, requirements and expectations. Put it this way. If you are a charity, you pay accordingly. Because the actual value of the work done has to be in the context of that. Affordable. If you are a business, you are hoping to make profit out of it. A different context. You will pay accordingly. But not a penny more. This is what I call transparent and accessible. And here comes the really interesting part.

The consequence of this approach. You can now easily outsource it. All of it. And you do not need to worry for a single moment from now on about who will do it, how it will be done, whether it will be done, are they going to take advantage, etc. Isn’t that an amazing proposition?

And suddenly your frustration and pain are all gone. You have a lot more time, you are much more focused. And because most of us are both givers and receivers in the online world, providers and audience at the same time, both worlds win. Big time.

This is why we have our YUU services today. So that you are free, once again.

What is your experience in going or being online in your business or non-profit? Share below. Thx

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