Please Find Your New Website Inside My Email

If you own a website, you are no doubt receiving unsolicited emails from developers telling you how they will change your life forever. Oh and how affordable they are but not as affordable as their cheap-crappy competition.

I used to send those emails. Not your typical ones that you receive, made with templates with details filled in. My emails were honest, personal and yet unnerving to send.

Something I received today:

Be aware of outsourced companies, who give cheap pricing and take up months to complete a good website and charge you hidden fees. We offer straight W3C HTML / WordPress websites in the most AFFORDABLE PRICES.
Our Custom Websites Offers: A W3C HTML Standard Website, 7 Unique Designed Pages with FREE Contact Us and FAQ Page, Animated Banners on the Home Page, 1 Year Domain and 1 Year Hosting FREE, Responsive Layout, Mobile Compatibility, 6-8 Weeks Completion Time, Easy Online Process


These guys’ pricing was laughable. They send out this email warning their audience against the likes of them. No offence if you are one of them and reading this, but really…? Let us be professional, shall we?

A website means so many different things to so many different people. It could be a landing page, a whole lot of pages, online presence, marketing, image, ID, you name it. If you have a business though, it surely has to have this meaning:

Your website has to be about what you can offer to your clients.

And guess what, all these offers I receive are about one thing too. The website. No mention about what they can do for you, so you can do more for your clients.  All those acronyms and technilal terms. I know them all, but do you really care? So very typical.

What is a website worth for you? $200 or $20,000? I’m telling you, you can find them both and anything in-between. Chances are that you don’t know. Because you have no realistic point of reference. The ones that you see most often: Free websites, crappy cheap ones or horrendously overpriced ones give you zero reference.

Let me simplify this. A website is only worth as much you benefit from it.

Wouldn’t you agree?

And how much you benefit from it varies, month by month or even week by week. In other words if they ask you to pay $20,000 there is a chance – but not necessarily – that you are being robbed. I said not necessarily, because let’s be honest. There are websites, online needs, business requirements that will cost you a lot more than $20,000 and they might be worth every penny. This is what I call being professional. Which brings me back to those emails.

I stopped sending them because I want people to find me, instead of me annoying them with my view of the world. They find me, mostly through Adwords and referral. And it works. Here is why:

You need a website? You will find us and then we will offer you a service that will give you exactly what you need to give your clients. And the way you pay is going to reflect your spread out levels of benefiting from your new website.

Think it’s fair?

Let me know

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