This is How You Can Make The Online Madness Work For You

It is a madness, wouldn’t you agree? It gets worse and then way better. Bear with me. Having been involved in a number of volunteering organizations, I did feel their pain, every day. So many ideas and programs and yet so very few resources and so little time to do all that. Going online promised […]

Please Find Your New Website Inside My Email

If you own a website, you are no doubt receiving unsolicited emails from developers telling you how they will change your life forever. Oh and how affordable they are but not as affordable as their cheap-crappy competition. I used to send those emails. Not your typical ones that you receive, made with templates with details filled […]

This Is How Much Your Time Spent Online Is Really Worth

If you run a small business you will typically need to spend 50-100 hours online every single month. To create content, engage on social media, fix shit that happens, etc. Going with a decent $50/h of your time (I know, you are worth MUCH more, but for the sake of simplicity stick to this) that […]

This Is Why Online Marketing is Your Salvation

Ready to be shocked? Read on (it is just a bit further down, I promise!) You’re happy with your business as it is. You have a brick and mortar store, have your customers and things had been going pretty well for quite some time. The only place you can be found online is occasional mention […]

Non-Profits are Victims of The Online Revolution

If you thought that going online for a company is challenging, wait until you try it as non-profit or volunteering community. As a volunteering community, such as sports clubs, charities, even big volunteering organizations such as Lions or Rotary you are mostly dependant on volunteers who not only have the tech knowledge but also have […]

This is Why Free Websites Cost You Your Business

The free content era has brought on a true menace. The free service era. Where you pay $0 upfront only to lose track of how much of your time, effort and patience you had to invest afterwards. Before you are forced to hire someone for money to fix everything that went wrong. Enter free websites. […]

Who Broke The Internet?

Internet is capable of automating most of your marketing tasks, and that is amazing feature, would you agree? And once automated there is nothing to do, right? This is the common sense. This is what we call it automation. But then you try to add a Google ad using Adwords and you realize how disconnected […]

Why Search Engines Are Breaking Your Business

Today the biggest thing in the online world is being able to be louder than the rest, so your audience can notice you. We live in a constant race after perfect search engine keywords so that Google ranks our business higher and higher. Which is funny Because in the ancient times before google, there was […]